Stewart, that is. I thought I’d start a new blog full of recipes, crafts, and just stuff I’m interested in or have found useful. I’m not the craftiest person. I’m not the best cook. But I do have lots to say and now you all can partake. But let’s face it, I’m no Martha.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have another baby shower coming up. What better time to make a baby blanket. I wanted this one to be different. It’s a work in progress…

First you make one of these…


Then you make like a thousand more… In different colors… And connect them all together…


This is the end result (Just not mine because I need more pink yarn. And I’m doing a slightly different color scheme.)

flower blanket

You can find the pattern here.

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  1. That is incredibly awesome looking! Thanks for posting links to the patterns...maybe when I'm 50 I'll get back around to them. Ha! Actually, I've been working on making a quiet book. It's not crochet, but I'm moving out of my shell of not doing crafty things.