Stewart, that is. I thought I’d start a new blog full of recipes, crafts, and just stuff I’m interested in or have found useful. I’m not the craftiest person. I’m not the best cook. But I do have lots to say and now you all can partake. But let’s face it, I’m no Martha.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My friend Lindsay told me all about these and they looked super easy to make. So I looked them up and I am IN LOVE. My girls are getting to an age where they aren’t really thrilled with hair bows (or impressed) anymore. Luckily for me, baby girl #3 will be able to wear them if my older girls do not. But I LOVE THEM!

hair bows

I found them HERE.


  1. They are easy to make. Just make sure you start bigger than you think you'll want them. Some of mine turned out really small. I have pics of them on my facebook. :)

  2. I made and sold a lot of these last year. If you start to make them, they will go fast and they are SUPER easy to make