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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I made some headbands for a friends baby shower. These were the EASIEST thing I’ve made so far. All you need is:

Fabric flowers
Needle and Thread
Hot glue gun

You take your elastic and measure the length. I did newborn headbands and it needed 14” of elastic. Cut your elastic. Take your needle and thread and sew your two ends together (it doesn’t have to be perfect). Once your ends are sewn take your felt and cut a small circle (you may need felt on the back of the flower – which means you’d need 2 circles cut out). Hot glue one circle onto the back of the flower (if needed) then take your elastic (where the end is sewn because it doesn’t look very pretty) and hot glue it between both felt circles. Wahlah! You’re done! Super easy, cute, and dainty!


I forgot to mention… You can buy fabric flowers at any craft store in their scrapbooking isles. I bought these ones at Michaels. Also, you CAN dye your elastic to match if you’d like. I’ve never done it, but try and out and let me know how it goes!!

**Thanks to Suzanne for the cute baby pictures.**

Here are the other lengths if you want to make some for older girls:

Newborn: 13 1/4”
3-6 Months: 14 1/2”
6-12 months: 16”
12 Months-Teen: 17 1/2”
Adult: 18”

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